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Black mirror 2x02 online dating

-esque anthology TV series about technological anxieties and possible futures, was released on Netflix on December 29th, 2017.

In this series, six writers will look at each of the fourth season’s six episodes to see what they have to say about current culture and projected fears.

Too bad, they’re told, suffering through bad relationships is an important part of how you find true love.

That may seem cynical, but people who’ve been on long, fruitless dating-app quests, looking for someone compatible, might recognize the appeal in the idea that it all something, that no unpleasant evening or hookup gone wrong is actually wasted, that it’s all a means to an end.

Frank and Amy have a good first date, with easy, witty conversation, but The System has determined their relationship will only last one night.

Conceptually, it’s not unlike our current “system,” where apps collect enough data to effectively push products at users, or predict human behavior.

Every date on The System is like this: dinner, followed by a ride to a house that looks like it’s been staged for prospective buyers.

It’s the version of romance sold by to have sex, but it’s assumed they will.

There’s only one option for anyone who wants love, sex, or anything in between.

In this world, dating is a highly regulated process managed by something called The System, which promises every user that they’ll eventually end up with their perfect life partner.

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Its universe feels flat and neutral, which makes it look both eerie and like it could be the backdrop for a Victorian-novel romance, where characters take long walks around the lake, and generally have nothing to do but kill time.

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