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Catfish is an MTV reality TV series which explores the downsides and lies of online dating.The show is hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, and they travel across the US with their hopeful of the week to see whether or not the other participant in the online relationship is real or if they are, in fact, a "catfish".In doing so, popular culture makes a conscious effort to feature sensationalized stories in order to appeal to a target audience that relies solely on entertainment.

In fact, many studies argue against the prevalence of deception in online dating that is often portrayed by the media.

Also similarly to the documentary, "Catfish: The TV Show" may not be completely accurate.

Since the show is told from the perspective of the “catfishee,” who is apparently unaware of the deceit involved in his or her relationship, it can be argued that "Catfish: The TV Show" is biased.

Normal online relationships that work out in the end tend to be boring and uninteresting; as such, they have very little entertainment quality and do not make for “good television.” Unrealistic shows that are blown out of proportion are utterly suspenseful and thrilling, constantly keeping the audience members on their toes.

Much like the documentary that preceded it, "Catfish: The TV Show" urges those involved in online affairs to be extremely cautious; thus, it confirms the public’s general feelings of fear and apprehension regarding the subculture of online daters.

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