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Dating dry spell

"It’s like she’s some kind of witch," I thought. Her luggage went into the main bedroom; the books, boxes, and odds and ends into Aunt Liz’s old sewing room. Aunt Therese put a lock on the sewing room door after she caught me snooping. Sometimes, late at night, I’d think I heard drums and—once—two or more weird voices talking. Jerry had an old clunker of a car, and Phil, the oldest looking one of our group, had managed to get an ID that said he was okay to buy beer. I was trying to find my key, so I could sneak in to bed. As she walked over, the door slammed shut behind me somehow. I threw a robe on over my T-shirt and shorts and headed downstairs for some breakfast.Aunt Therese was waiting for me in the living room. She took five red candles off the table, put each one in a little holder at one point of the star, and lit them.

I was a junior in high school by then, and—to tell the truth— I’d gotten kind of wild. When Aunt Liz started getting sick, there was a lot of looking around to see who’d want to take me. For a while, it looked like I was headed for a foster home.

Aunt Therese had rushed me out of the beauty shop, but now she let me linger to fully appreciate the effects of her magic. My legs looked pretty good, too, long and well-curved in those high heels. " It was like a blast of cold water, but I found that I could talk again. " "I already told you that, as punishment for your horrid, male behavior.

I loved the way I looked, and I kept turning and staring at myself in that mirror. You know who you really are, but you’ll find yourself acting like the girl this body says you are.

Aunt Therese grabbed my arm and lead me to the "House of Style", one of the beauty shops in the mall. In spite of everything I’d been through (or maybe because of whatever it was that Aunt Therese had given me to drink), I fell asleep. "Your Aunt Therese had me to do your make-up as well your hair. My hair was combed out straight and curled up around my neck with a couple of tiny plastic bows, one on each side. When I put up my hands to my face in surprise, I saw that my nails had been shaped and were colored to match the lipstick.

The next thing I knew, somebody was rubbing something onto my face. I wanted to wake you up to ask how you wanted it, but she said you had no real taste in such matters. I hope you like it." With that she spun the chair around towards the mirror. I looked— "Excellent," Aunt Therese said from behind me. Now, come, child, and let us do something about those horrid clothes." While she paid Jennie, I got out of the chair and took off the smock.

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A few minutes later, we arrived at a shop called "Le Moderne" in one of the fancier parts of the mall. "One newly-made maiden in need of your skill and your wonderful wares to truly fit her new role in life." "I understand," Mariah said and turned to me.

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