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Distinguished name, Common name – WTF is a common name? In my case I’m creating a wildcard certificate so I’m using the * prefix.

Regardless you should make sure this matches the right company/organization. Not really sure what this is for, but traditionally I’ve always set this to Web because – well this is a Web thing after all right?Heck the Windows certificate store makes it super hard to manage certificates through its ui - most simple things can't be done there and you have to fall back to command line tools that have constantly changed through the lifetime of each Windows versions. IIS's UI is actually pretty nice - but it's buggy and that's where the problems come in. @Dan - For my own sites I only rely on the nag emails from the issuer since I only deal with two certs. For more complex setups, I would use the DNS/Cert administration tools and make sure to check at least once a month :-) The trick is to have the certs and domains all in one place where you can see when things expire easily. You should probably check out just using certreq -new and create a Policy File In (inf).This will save you a ton of time, because using that GUI is painful!You did provide information on how IIS Manager was used throughout the process (including the CSR), so I might spend some time analyzing if I can do something in Jexus Manager to resolve some of the pains for IIS users.:) @Lex - part of the problem is Windows and the crazy certificate management stuff it does.

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I use DNSimple for my DNS domain management and SSL certificates because they provide ridiculously easy domain management and good prices for SSL certs – especially wildcard certificates, which is what I use on

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